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Aerospace Engineering

At QM Systems our knowledge and experience of aerospace engineering is the foundation of our business. 

As a supplier to first and second tier aerospace companies we have a very close relationship with the aerospace industry and are proud to have played a pivotal role in several groundbreaking aerospace engineering projects.

Our high power multifunction multiplexer and power rack test system are both a direct result of our close involvement with the aerospace industry, developed specifically to provide solutions for testing aircraft power management systems and batteries.  An illustration of our stature as a provider of aerospace engineering test solutions can be seen in the fact that QM Systems was the first company on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme to take delivery of the Lockheed Martin LMStar test platform, which our power rack was designed to interface with.

QM Systems is able to offer all the aerospace engineering services required of a dedicated outsource partner, or simply those services required to support a particular project phase.  In addition to consultancy we have been directly involved on a wide variety of projects including the development and design of test specifications and solutions, the supply of production aids and ground equipment and the provision of complete production systems.  As well as work with LMStar, for which we have developed a comprehensive library of test software, other projects of note include design and development work for Airbus, VXI and PXI test solutions for specific applications and solutions for capacitive probe reference hardware.

  • Ground Equipment
  • Test equipment design & manufacture
  • Power management systems test
  • Battery testing, charging & discharging
  • Accelerated stress testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Simulation & modelling
  • Interfacing
  • Sensor testing
  • Fuels testing
  • Bespoke and prototype test systems

Please contact us for more information about our experience in the field of aerospace engineering.

Our power rack's are used areospace engineering projects