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Automotive Engineering

QM Systems is a leading supplier of automotive engineering and test solutions to vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers and the independent aftermarket.

Our experience covers a variety of vehicle engineering disciplines including electronic and electrical engineering, software engineering and mechanical engineering.  We have particular expertise in the areas of embedded software, on-board communications, high power systems and the battery management systems are required for electric and hybrid vehicles.

QM Systems is a true turn-key supplier.  We offer a full range of automotive engineering test solutions to design, build, install and support complex test systems.  As vehicle electronics become more and more advanced, with modern vehicles having more than 40 electronic control units on board, the testing of vehicles becomes more and more difficult.  We utilise our extensive experience of the automotive sector and compliment this with skills and experience gained as a leading supplier to the aerospace industry.

From our core skills in software and hardware we can offer the following automotive engineering services:

  • Test Solutions: innovative solutions to the most complex electronic, electrical and mechanical test requirements.
  • Consultancy: help and advice on project management, design, business and product strategies.
  • Engineering Services: on-site or off-site automotive engineering resource for software development, hardware development, diagnostics authoring, technicians, and support engineers.
  • Product Development: mechanical or electrical special tool development for OEMs or the aftermarket.
  • Manufacturing Test: specialists in manufacturing test equipment offering products, engineering resource or consultancy.
  • High Power: consultancy and solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles and their unique problems.

Please contact us for more information about our automotive engineering solutions.