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Battery Capacity Tester

The QM Systems battery capacity tester is a product of our combined expertise in the areas of high power engineering and battery management.

Our battery capacity tester was designed to rapidly determine the condition of battery packs and/or their associated units in high power systems i.e. through battery drop tests, battery load tests and battery cell balancing. The challenge was to provide simple and safe controls as well as fast accurate measurements while dealing with large currents. The solution required a detailed understanding of power supplies design and battery performance.

The QM Systems battery capacity tester allows for battery charging and battery discharging under controlled conditions and displays total power delivered as well as running voltages and currents.  The instrument will also provide current-limited selectable voltages in the range of 3.6 to 24 volts and 0 to 40 amps. The front panel of the instrument is equipped with a numeric keypad, 4 by 20 character LCD, status LEDs, mains on/off and an emergency reset switch.  

Aircraft Battery Charge / Discharge

Testing lithium ion batteries for the Joint Strike Fighter required a complete analysis of the failure modes of the battery test system with human and machine safety interlocks. The QM10043 (28V) and QM10044 (270V) battery capacity test systems provide a complete charge discharge profile with discharge power upto 2.5kW. The charge cycle is managed by an onboard processor that provides individual cell balancing via a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface to ensure that the battery remains in balance during the charging cycle.

Please contact us for more information on the QM Systems Battery Capacity Tester.

Battery charger test unit