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Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer aided manufacturing systems provide vital component traceability, test system and product tracking capabilities within modern production assembly environments, helping to reduce waste, maintain output levels and quickly trace any defects back to their source.

Unlike many suppliers of computer aided manufacturing solutions, QM Systems employs an ‘open-architecture’ approach that gives us the flexibility to create a truly bespoke system.  Rather than attempting to map your process to an existing set of parameters, we are able to tailor our solution to fit your unique requirements.

Our computer aided manufacturing systems usually employ bar codes and scanners for electronic component identification.  Scanning is undertaken by operators and supervisors who can view the resulting data in real time or record it for use in for Statistical Process Control (SPC) Measurements or production performance analysis.  We also have comprehensive experience of a variety of additional techniques for electronic component identification, such as automated scanning and the use of machine vision inspection systems.

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A chamfer machine created by QM Systems forming part of a computer aided manufacturing