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Electronic and Electrical Engineering

QM Systems provides high level and low level electrical and electronics engineering design/consultancy services to the automotive, rail and aerospace industries.

Our experience of custom electrical and electronic engineering design has been gained through involvement in a wide range of projects including work on high integrity, safety critical systems in the aerospace industry; development and test  of cutting edge mobile communications; and systems integration in product test environments.  Our customers can therefore be assured of exceptional quality and a rigorous approach to project management for electronic engineering activities.

With experience covering analogue, digital, RF engineering, hardware in the loop, high power and many other areas, our flexibility and broad base of transferable skills is one of our greatest assets.  Our electronic and electrical engineering capabilities include:

  • Hybrid power systems
  • High power systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Bus Communications systems (Vehicle, PC and Industrial)
  • ECU design and implementation
  • RIO Design and implementation
  • Vehicle Harness Design (including ruggedised connectors)
  • Analogue Design
  • Digital Design
  • Radio frequency (RF) Design, including Infotainment systems, GPRS, GSM, GPS, Wifi
  • Interface switching for signal, power, communications and RF
  • MOST circuit design and implementation

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Complete running box assembly our electrical engineering system

Wet arc wiring tester our electronic engineering system