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High Power Systems

QM Systems have a wealth of experience in the design, assembly and test of high power systems. 

Developed through our close involvement with the aerospace industry and our work on landmark projects such as the Joint Strike Fighter, our knowledge and expertise with high power systems now finds application in the automotive sector, where it is essential to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Our high power engineering experience covers a wide range of specialist areas, including the development of high power multiplexing, PCB design and specification, and detailed knowledge of issues arising from interference caused by high power systems.

Additional areas of high power expertise include: 

  • High voltage engineering safety
  • CE Technical file preparation
  • Medium/High voltage designs for the aerospace industry
  • Simulation and modelling of EMC effects in Hybrid Vehicles
  • Modelling of general circuits and high power SMPS (Switch mode power supply)
  • Battery charging & discharging testers
  • High capacity/ High voltage Li-ion battery test for the aerospace industry
  • Electrical test systems testing for aerospace, rail and automotive
  • Inductive charger methods and applications
  • Synchronous and induction motor application characteristics
  • Cost reduction exercises in electrical systems and products

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Power racks are used in our high power systems

Generic Power Pack used as part of our high power systems