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Modelling and Simulation

With modern vehicles containing as many as ninety ECUs, computer modelling and simulation of electrical engineering systems has become a critical component of the test and development cycle.

QM Systems has an impressive track record in modelling and simulation for the automotive sector gained through ongoing work with vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers.  Furthermore, our aerospace engineering experience makes QM Systems the ideal partner for work involving emerging hybrid technologies.  We understand the standards, protocols and safety factors that are a requirement of working with these high power system simulations and, in conjunction with academics at Warwick University, are engaged in leading edge modelling and simulation projects of battery management systems that will set new standards within the industry.

QM Systems has experience of all leading modelling software, including Matlab, Simulink, DSpace and Dymola.  A summary of what we can offer includes:

  • High voltage / high power systems engineering experience
  • Experience of modelling and simulation for hybrid/electric vehicles
  • Particular expertise in battery management systems
  • Aerospace knowledge and skills which can be utilised in automotive
  • Extensive experience of Unified Modelling Language (UML), Matlab and other modelling and simulation software
  • Provision of engineering resource or consultancy services
  • Work on modelling and simulation in parallel to work on hardware in the loop system test (HILST)

More and more customers are asking us for consultancy and assistance in this field.  We are actively recruiting new talent to cope with the uplift in demand for our services and it is our goal to become the leading supplier of modelling and simulation services for the automotive sector.

Contact us about our modelling and simulation services.

Modelling and simulation system

Modelling and simulation system in use