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Multifunction Multiplexer

Developed as part of the QM Systems power rack, our QM45000 Multifunction Multiplexer (MUX) is an economical, one-box solution for medium to high density switch/measure applications in design verification, automated test systems and data acquisition.

The QM45000 Multiplexer features a 7 Slot mainframe with up to 128 channels per slot, providing as many as 896 switched channels.  Interfaces include Standard Universal Serial Bus (USB), Recommended Standard 232 (RS232) or Recommended Standard 422/485 (RS422/485).  High current (25A) 16 channel modules or the low current (1A) modules can be mixed in any configuration.



19” 4U rack mounts


USB 2.0 and RS232, 422/485


115 / 230 Volts AC 50/60Hz

No of module slots 


High Power Relay Module

Maximum no of modules in chassis


Maximum number of relays / module


Relay current rating (non switched)

50A max 0.5sec / 25A max continuous.

Relay current rating (switched)


Wetting current

1A min continuous

Relay voltage rating (non switched)

350Vdc / 240V ac

Maximum contact resistance


Multiplexer (MUX) configurations possible

1 x 16

Up to 5 modules can be combined under software control to provide a maximum of: 80:1; 40:2; 20:4; 5:16 multiplexer configurations.

High Voltage Signal Relay Module

Maximum no of modules in chassis


Maximum number of relays / module


Relay current rating

1A max hot / 3.0A cold switching

Relay voltage rating

1KV hot switching, 3KV standoff

Possible configurations for the multifunction multiplexer:

The multiplexer module comprises 16 banks of 8 common relays. The commons are brought out to the external connector and can be linked to provide any combination of: 128:1 to 16:8.   This relay module has been optimised for high voltage switching.  It can be supplied with alternative relays, optimised for low voltage, low EMF, low capacitance or low contact resistance relays.  System flexibility is also enhanced by the ability to mix module types within a single chassis.

Please contact us for more information about the QM45000 multifunction multiplexer.

Part of our multifunction multiplexer

Component of our multifunction multiplexer