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QM Systems delivers for Invensys Rail Ltd

17 Jan 2012

QM Systems has delivered a Generic Points Test System to Invensys Rail Ltd.  The Test system can perform all mechanical and electrical tests on multiple families of points systems with minimal operator intervention. 

The mechanical tests are based upon a motor driven actuator that: accurately applies force as required; has a clean and maintenance free process; more cost effective and upgradeable than the hydraulic and pneumatic alternatives.

This system is at the forefront of QM System’s expansion into rail manufacturing, inspection and test systems.  The growing product portfolio includes:

  • railway points testers
  • brake valve assemblies
  • braking system controllers
  • brake callipers
  • compressors
  • wiper systems
  • lighting systems
  • bogie systems
  • hydraulics systems
  • door systems

Read more about our experience and capabilities in the Rail industry, and our unrivalled expertise in Test System design and interface. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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