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Our History

For 25 years QM Systems has been at the forefront of engineering innovation in an impressive array of sectors. 

Our technical expertise has contributed to the development of cutting edge, bespoke items of electrical engineering test equipment for the military through to mass-market consumer electronics.  Along the way we have set new standards for technology in such diverse fields as electronic tagging, in-car entertainment systems, mobile telephone networks and stealth aircraft communications.  A summary of our development is given below:

1987:  QM Systems is established to provide sub-contracted wiring and assembly systems to companies such as Hewlett Packard and the BBC.

1990: Electrical and electronic design services are added to the QM Systems portfolio.  During the early part of the decade QM Systems pioneers the development of electronic tagging and person tracking technologies for use in prison services and secure hospitals.

2000: By the beginning of the millennium QM Systems was established as a key player in the provision of electronic engineering and software engineering solutions for the mobile phone industry. Work included the design and installation of base stations, tracking and network synchronisation, and test systems including flex stations.  Motorola, Nokia, Sendo, Panasonic and Ericsson were all clients.  QM Systems was also responsible for all BT exchange installations and upgrades during this period.

2005: QM Systems had now added both civil and military aerospace clients to its roster.  The company was privileged to work on some of the most prestigious projects then extant.  Work included component test, system test, functional test, stress screening and lifetime testing for power management and engine controller systems on a number of aircraft include the Joint Strike Fighter, the EuroFighter, the Airbus A380 and the Airbus A350. QM Systems also worked on Rolls Royce Trent Series engine controllers.

2008: QM Systems establishes an automation division that is focused in providing turnkey solutions for machining, assembly, inspection systems and test systems. In addition, QM Systems expanded its client base to include automotive, rail, pharmaceutical and food and beverage companies.

2009: A consultancy division is set up at QM Systems in order to handle the growing demand for advice on areas such as high power systems in hybrid vehicles and aerospace RF engineering.  The division is equipped to supply leading edge solutions for systems simulation and modelling.

Today QM Systems is a dynamic, multi-faceted business with a wide ranging client base drawn from many industries; a true turnkey provider of efficient solutions to meet our clients exacting requirements. 

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