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PERA Lightning Protection Tester

The lightning strike protection tester, QM42000 Pulsed Energy Response Analyser (PERA) is one of several innovative and unique products developed in-house by QM Systems. 

PERA provides a rapid and convenient method for testing a product’s ability to withstand a lightning strike.

The QM42000 Pulsed Energy Response Analyser, was initially developed to overcome a key difficulty in lightning protection testing: the circuitry involved in lightning protection systems is often invisible to the function that it protects.  This means that if the protection device is damaged there may be no indication until it is too late.  The PERA combines profiled voltage waveforms to test the function and effectiveness of lightning protection devices whilst using energy management to prevent damage to the product under test.

The facilities offered by the QM42000 PERA, include those required to comply with the relevant sections of the internationally recognised standard RTCA/DO-160E.  Using dual power supplies in ramp, pulse or combined modes, the lightning protection elements on each pin of a unit under test can be individually tested for presence and effectiveness.  The presence of the lightning protection circuit is verified by measuring its minimum activation current using incremental increases to the energy applied.  Protection circuit effectiveness is tested by applying a finite energy pulse, but limiting the energy; so preventing any damage to the operational circuitry of the UUT.

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PERA test unit used in our lightning protecting tester