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Power Rack

The QM10000 power rack is a universal high power test solution that provides engineers with maximum flexibility for their high current and high voltage test requirements.

The QM10000 power rack was developed to fulfil high power aerospace and marine test applications at both factory and depot-level.  The open system architecture, based upon common off-the-shelf (COTS) instrumentation, offers flexibility to address varying requirements, whilst plug-n-play software drivers can make the complete rack appear as a single, high-performance instrument to the parent system.  Where existing COTS did not meet requirements, QM Systems has developed innovative hardware and software engineering solutions which are now available separately as individual products:

  • High Power multifunction multiplexer
  • QM10002 Mains Power Control Unit
  • COTS –Power Instrumentation and Switching (library of supported products available on request) 
  • Modular UUT Interface Panel

The QM10000 has the capability to source, sink and switch currents of up to 300A and 270V on multiple channels.   In these high voltage test scenarios safety is paramount, and the QM Systems Power Rack therefore features a sophisticated safety system designed with over twenty safety interlocks to protect the user and the device-under-test.  This system meets the requirements of EN60204 and EN60950 safety standards.

The entire QM10000 system is 19” rack-mounted.  Using an IVI driver this rack can be simply controlled by any existing system or PC as one instrument. Configurations include the following:

  • Up to 600V Sourcing and Switching
  • Multiplex up to 200 channels
  • Internal multiplexing of up to 30A
  • High Current multiplexing up to 300A
  • Single-ended or differential switching
  • Quick-release built-in UUT-interface panel
  • Designed to safety standards EN60204 and EN60950
  • Built-in system controller plus industry-standard IVI software drivers
  • The QM10000 power rack comes with a full warranty and support services 

Please contact us for further information about this product.

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