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Radio Frequency Engineering

QM Systems has its roots as a business in the field of radio frequency (RF) engineering for the aerospace sector. 

Today, despite substantial diversification, we still retain all our core skills in this area.  We have detailed knowledge of both low and high power RF engineering, with particular expertise in Radar and microwave RF.

Our RF expertise gives us the capacity to provide authoritative advice and consultation on the all-important issues of safety and shielding in RF engineering systems.  As a result, QM Systems has recently been involved in cutting edge research to assess the impact of wind farms on high power RF communications, working in partnership with the National Air Traffic Service to provide software applications specifically tailored to the requirements of the study. 

Another notable project involved the creation of a handheld ‘reflectometer’ featuring on board pulse generation and detection, spectrum analysis and embedded software systems.  This device was created to test the effectiveness of RF absorbent surfaces in military applications.

QM Systems is part of the PipeHawk Group, which provides us with access to additional expertise in the field of RF engineering.  Our skills cover all aspects of:

  • Signal generation
  • Radio frequency detection and analysis
  • Antenna design
  • RF interference and diagnostics

  • RF shielding

Please contact us to find out how QM Systems can help with your radio frequency engineering projects.

NATS test gear used in radio frequency engineering

RF microwave mutliplexer used in rf engineering

An example of a system using rf engineering is a wind farm