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Software Engineering

QM Systems can provide software engineering solutions and consultancy to the automotive, rail and aerospace industries, covering both embedded real time systems (on-vehicle systems) and PC-based diagnostic and authoring tools (off-vehicle systems).

QM Systems has the capability to offer a complete outsourced software engineering capability or to provide consultant engineers on site at a client’s premises. In addition to personnel, QM Systems provides design strategy, project leadership and QA management as appropriate. 

Our software engineers draw on knowledge from a variety of specialist areas including mobile communications and aerospace manufacturing test.  This experience means that we are completely at home working on safety-critical and emissions-related systems, and are conversant with all major authoring tools including Lab View, VeriStand and TestStand.

Embedded Software Engineering: 

  • Microcontrollers
  • Embedded firmware for vehicle ECU’s
  • Prototype engineering
  • Bus communication systems
  • CAN , LIN, Flexray

Diagnostic and Authoring Tools:

  • ECU Programming
  • Diagnostics software creation
  • Datalogging and data acquisition
  • PC Based software

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Software developer designing one of our software engineering systems

Test stand code used in our software engineering systems