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Transfer Systems, Automated Transit and Handling Solutions

QM Systems can deploy our engineering and systems knowledge to develop advanced transfer systems, automated transit and handling solutions.

Whether it’s components for assembly systems or finished products for transport, they all need some method of being moved around.  Working with our customers we are able to design and build full, bespoke transfer systems, automated transit and handling solutions to suit your requirements. We can integrate a variety of machines to create complex handling systems based upon numerous stages and manipulations.

QM Systems can undertake all aspects of your handling system design, including mechanics, controls, sensors and safety systems.  Unlike many other transfer systems, automated transit and handling solutions providers we are able to use our in-house expertise to develop the necessary software for your system and undertake the assembly and commissioning.  This means that we are not reliant on any sub-contractors to deliver your system, ensuring greater responsiveness and a higher standard of service.

From concept to completion, QM Systems is the ideal partner to design and develop your handling systems.  Examples of the equipment that may be utilised include:

  • Robotics
  • Linear pick and place systems
  • Accumulator, Buffer and stacking systems
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems
  • Specialised materials handling systems

Please see automated packaging for related solutions.  

Or contact us do discuss your transfer systems and handling aolutions requirement.