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Useful Links

QA Certification Body
BM TRADA Certification is a leading multi-sector certification body accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).  They provide QM Systems with certification and external auditing for 9001 & 14001.

Members of the CE Marking Association
QM are members of the CE Marking Association, a leading provider of help, advice, training, product assessment and testing regarding CE marking and product compliance legislation.

Pipehawk, the parent company of QM Systems, are the global market leader in ground probing radar technology with many applications including civil engineering and land mine detection.

Adien Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of PipeHawk, is a leader in the field of utility detection and mapping. Its survey teams provide information that is critical in the design processes of almost all construction projects that involve breaking the ground.

TBD - British Safety Council
QM Systems are pending membership to the British Safety Council, a global health, safety and environmental charity that works with businesses to improve their health, safety and environmental management.

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